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I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. For many years I thought I would be a pianist since piano was the first instrument I learned to play when I was 8 years old. I obtained a teaching degree in Music at the Conservatorio Nacional, in Buenos Aires. From those days I still cherish the love for pedagogy and a fascination with harmony and counterpoint. But then I started singing and knew right away that I was on the right track. No musical instrument is more sincere than the voice. Singing is my only means to tell a story, speak out my mind and find my true self.

I studied vocal performance in Vienna, where I have lived and worked since 2001. The melodic aspects of opera music and the ability to feel the music that I learned through singing operas, as well as the rhythmic sonority of jazz have accompanied me, intertwined, since the very beginning. Later, my path as a singer led me to embrace a Latin American repertoire: tango, Argentine folk music, Brazilian melodies… Life in Austria, with its many different cultural aspects, influenced me even further. Today, I give voice not to Latin American songs, but to “world music”, happy to build bridges between styles that seem to have little in common. Besides my engagements as a singer and songwriter, I give lessons in vocal technique and have worked with various choirs, both as chief or guest conductor.

This quest to bring together different worlds has led me to create my own musical projects and also to the privilege of collaborating with other musicians, whose influence and friendship have been very enriching: Pablo Rojas, Leandro Velasco, Daniel Mesquita, Klaus Johns, Luis Ribeiro, Carlos Pino-Quintana, Paulina Fain, Exequiel Mantega, Bertl Mayer, Uwe Urbanowsky, Wladigeroff Brothers, Georg Luksch, Christian Bakanic, Flip Philipp I am eternally grateful to all of them!

My current projects are: Christian Bakanic's Trio Infernal, Duo Barembuem-Mesquita, Daniel Mesquita Trupe, Vienna Tango Quintet, Duo Barembuem-Rojas

My previous projects include: Luis Ribeiro Project, Wladigeroff Brothers, Iguazú Group, La Biaba Tango Quartet

I was also invited to sing with Mala Junta Tango, Georg Gratzer, Sigi Finkel, Eldis La Rosa-Monier, Carlos Pino-Quintana, Exequiel Mantega, Ramiro Gallo, Mario Gusso

I have had the honour of performing in Austria and Germany at the Wiener Konzerthaus, Wiener Volkstheater Rote Bar, Wiener Hofburg, Alte Schmiede Wien, Theater des Augenblicks Wien, Theater am Spittelberg Wien, Muth, Rothschild Schloss Waidhofen/Ybbs, Meilenwerk Berlin, TiK Dornbirn, Messe Dornbirn, Festpielhaus St. Pölten, Theater am Saumarkt Feldkirch, Altes Kino Landeck, Theater Quadrat (Warschau), Mini Theater (Ljubljana), amongst other.

  I have also participated in the following festivals: Vienna Jazz Fest, Styraburg Fest Steyr, Steirisches Kammermusik Festival, KOMMT.ST,Murszene Graz, Festival Onda Latina, Festival Trova Sur, Festival 100% SongwriterInnen, Sommertraum Festival Semmering, Burgenländischen Fest für Musik und Theater, Latin Fever Festival Langenzensdorf.

tel. +43 699 1271 9551


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